How to become a pro in any programming language?

Becoming a pro isn’t that hard. You will be a pro when:

  1. You know how to deal with the errors
  2. Know all of the terminology in the language

These are easy, right? Not so easy! These require a lot of dedication and workouts everyday. The first one comes with experience and the second one…?

With experience

Believe it or not – Experience gives you everything and teaches you everything. You may have experienced that experience is the key to master any programming language. If you’ve not, you either haven’t coded at all or you are a master in the programming language your are coding in.

By ‘workouts’ I mean coding sessions. At least workout 3 times a day in sessions of about 15 minutes. It will exercise your brain as well.

The science behind this

If you want to know how this works, then here is an explanation.

When you deeply think about something or try to solve a problem, you will remember the thing you thought about or the procedure you used to solve the problem for a longer time than you will by just learning how to solve a problem

– Erik Royall


So, don’t  just read blogs or Stackoverflow on how to do it. Instead, solve the problem using that procedure.

Hoping that you will be a pro, good bye.

Hey, do you want to add something? Tell them in the comments below.

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Some quotes by myself

Never believe the fact that you are an idiot

Do something only if it is useful to you or the world

Live not to live, but to give life

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction – What ever you do will return to you the same way


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Free & Open Education System

Who doesn’t like learning new things? Learning new things is fun, especially on the Internet. The current education system is very bad and marks-oriented. Students are learning for marks and those marks tell everything about them.

Pros of the current education system:

  • Students can be tested
  • Money can be made

Cons of the current education system:

  • Students are forced to learn
  • There are some must-dos
  • Education is being sold
  • Everyone are not getting the quality education
  • Students are getting punished

My proposed form of education will be able to solve some common problems (and will introduce many new).


The classes should be held online or offline at learning clubs. Everyone can learn whenever they want but should maintain at least 60% attendance. Students will be awarded with certifications if they have completed a course.

Learning Hubs

These are schools where people learn. They must be licensed by the government for certification.


These are the blocks or units or modules of learning. These are categoried but not limited to age groups. Upon completion of a course, there will be a test and certificate, with a grade, will be issued after it.


These certificated are issued by Learning Hubs and are approved by the government. The certificated are awarded to students according to their performance.

This is just a raw outline of my idea. I will modify it later.

Thanks for reading and many thanks if it is UN or President Obama or PM Manmohan Singh or president/PM of any country.

If you have any suggestions, suggest them in the comments below.

Web Design: Desktop Screen Orientation?

Technology had made many things possible. Ten years ago Smart Phones were slide-open and had qwerty key(board)pads. But now, everything changed. We have smart phones that are smarter than us. And they support touch and.. screen orientation.

And the modern web browsers are able to detect when the screen rotates. This is an awesome feature and very helpful for Responsive Web Designers.

But most of the Desktop Web Browsers (as of March 2012) don’t support it. This feature is required in Desktop Web Browsers too. If you are running Windows 7/XP(8?), press Ctrl + Alt + an arrow key. What happened now? Your screen rotated (back to normal by pressing Ctrl + Alt + arrow key up)! So, this works in Desktops too!

There are some browsers that support Device Orientation API for Desktops. So, Web Designers, make use of it!

I am not going to code anymore!

It’s hard to leave something you like the most. I cannot tell you why I’m taking this decision. But, I’m not going to code anymore. No more programming. Everyone in my society think that I’m a stupid. Because I am a programmer at young age.

It’s not that there aren’t any programmers in India, but it’s quite common that they take a course and learn it. Most of the Indian companies would not accept self-taught programmers.

So, I am retiring at the age of 14. I don’t know if I’m going to code again. All my dreams are gone poof..

This is hard to say. All the works that I’m currently developing and all my ideas for OneNode are no more. I always wanted to help the world in someway or the other but my society is not allowing me to.

I always needed support but no one gave me. Everyone wants money. They wouldn’t help me without it.

I don’t even know if I’m going to touch the computer for the next 3 years. I am sure that I’ll be blocked from accessing the Internet.

That’s not because I’m poor in studies, that’s because they don’t like what I’m doing. Everyone have a wrong attitude towards programming.

I have sacrificed my precious time for learning Web, Software and OS development but all my ideas, my dreams, my projects are going be left unfulfilled and undone.

Please do not live the way everyone lives. You are unique and everyone is.

If you want to give me a good farewell, you just encourage your children (or yourself) to code. Codecademy is a good place to start.

And I’ve a lot of projects and I would like to hand them over to others. If you’d like to manage them (a Wiki, and an Open Source CMS Idea), please tweet @erikroyall or mail me at erikroyall [at] hotmail [dot] com or just tell it in the comments below.

I may/may not blog after this. Maybe I am not going to be an Author/Blogger/Programmer/Graphic Designer/Scientist/Photographer anymore.



When I got scared.. for the first time, this year!

I am not scared of anything, usually. I think: Why should I? I am not scared of ghosts not believe in them. I am not scared of elders (parents, teachers etc.) because I don’t think they’re that scary.

The state/province I’m living in heated up because a section of people want it to be divided and another state must be formed. The Central Government promised that section of people that they would tell their decision on 28th of January.

Everyone was waiting for the decision and shockingly, the Central Government said that there will be further discussions on this issue. And that section of people, who demanded a separate state were were disappointed and angry at the same time.

So, yesterday’s night wasn’t a good one, particularly in our city, Hyderabad. I slept at 8 pm, my usual time but woke up after a call from my friend at 11:30 pm (23:30). He asked for help and I did it. And I slept again at 12:30 (00:30). And at 1:00 in the morning, I woke up, after I heard a big noise near my window. I found that one of the windows was broken. And I found pieces of broken window glass on me! I was saved! And nearly dead.

What really happened is that that section of people became mad, especially students of Osmania University and began throwing huge stones at houses, malls and vehicles.

If the stone had hit me or […], I would not be writing this post now. Thanks to none.

Have you been in this situation at least once in your life? Tell your story in the comments below. You’re welcome.