Understanding Love

My understanding of what love really means has tremendously changed over the past few years.

  • 7 years ago, in my school, if a classmate even speaks that word I used to watch him in amazement, following an exclamation.
  • 4 years ago, I had my first sight of what is called – love, in real life. That’s when I started to see some immature in-love couples (as they think so).
  • 2 years ago, well, it became quite common. Still, I thought of love as something bad, for no good reason.

Well, all of this is past. You might want to know what my current view of it is. There’s time for that, wait.

When a boy X, a classmate, says he loves his parents, you think of him as a good person. When the same X says he loves a girl, you get a somewhat bad picture of him, despite the fact you do love someone else.

Well, what is the reason for this confusion? I’ll tell you. All love is not the same. Love is not only some kind of attraction. What kind of attraction towards parents, eh? The solution to this confusion is classification of love.

Types of Love

Love can be categorized into 3 different types – Familial, Romantic and Platonic. The distinction is necessary to avoid any misconceptions regarding love. The main focus of this article is on platonic love, but I’ll be discussing them all.

Familial Love (Storge)

The quote below gives an extensive description of Familial Love

Storge or affection is a wide-ranging force which can apply between family members, friends, pets and owners, companions or colleagues; it can also blend with and help underpin other types of tie such as passionate love or friendship.

Storge is some kind of bondage between committed or married people.

Romantic Love

Romantic Love is the happy feeling from an attraction towards another person associated with love. That feeling is caused by the secretion of a hormone called Dopamine which can also be gained by taking sufficient amounts of Vitamin C, and E.

The distinction between Romantic Love and Platonic Love will be discussed in next subsection. Romantic love needs no special introduction, I guess. You’re already familiar with it.

Platonic Love

Platonic Love is named after Plato, a philosopher, who studied about the nature of Love. Platonic Love is the love between friends or some known people. It is also the love that a person shows towards people.

Platonic love is best defines as the form of love which is not romantic or familial.

Though there are other forms of love which I didn’t discuss, these are the forms of love that exist between two persons. I conclude this article by telling that you can pretty much love anyone, platonically.


On Love

In this article, I would like to share my opinions on love. Please excuse me if this seems crazy or incorrect. This article is for all those who think Love is great.

Having gotten my fifteenth love proposal, I was inspired to write this article. Love is a feeling, mood, or more precisely a mental condition rather than a thing. It is more or less Limerence, a mental condition resulting in attraction towards a person of the opposite gender (or towards those whom they are usually attracted to). It is experienced by almost everyone in this world, and I am no exception to this.

My view of love may sound crazy to almost everyone who love.

Using the word love in this article I refer to Limerence or the feeling of attraction which you, if you’re reading this article by yourself, are already familiar with.  Love does not start in the so-called teenage. It starts earlier, but it strengthens in that age. It gradually disappears when you become mature.

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Web Design: Desktop Screen Orientation?

Technology had made many things possible. Ten years ago Smart Phones were slide-open and had qwerty key(board)pads. But now, everything changed. We have smart phones that are smarter than us. And they support touch and.. screen orientation.

And the modern web browsers are able to detect when the screen rotates. This is an awesome feature and very helpful for Responsive Web Designers.

But most of the Desktop Web Browsers (as of March 2012) don’t support it. This feature is required in Desktop Web Browsers too. If you are running Windows 7/XP(8?), press Ctrl + Alt + an arrow key. What happened now? Your screen rotated (back to normal by pressing Ctrl + Alt + arrow key up)! So, this works in Desktops too!

There are some browsers that support Device Orientation API for Desktops. So, Web Designers, make use of it!

When I got scared.. for the first time, this year!

I am not scared of anything, usually. I think: Why should I? I am not scared of ghosts not believe in them. I am not scared of elders (parents, teachers etc.) because I don’t think they’re that scary.

The state/province I’m living in heated up because a section of people want it to be divided and another state must be formed. The Central Government promised that section of people that they would tell their decision on 28th of January.

Everyone was waiting for the decision and shockingly, the Central Government said that there will be further discussions on this issue. And that section of people, who demanded a separate state were were disappointed and angry at the same time.

So, yesterday’s night wasn’t a good one, particularly in our city, Hyderabad. I slept at 8 pm, my usual time but woke up after a call from my friend at 11:30 pm (23:30). He asked for help and I did it. And I slept again at 12:30 (00:30). And at 1:00 in the morning, I woke up, after I heard a big noise near my window. I found that one of the windows was broken. And I found pieces of broken window glass on me! I was saved! And nearly dead.

What really happened is that that section of people became mad, especially students of Osmania University and began throwing huge stones at houses, malls and vehicles.

If the stone had hit me or […], I would not be writing this post now. Thanks to none.

Have you been in this situation at least once in your life? Tell your story in the comments below. You’re welcome.

The power of WordPress.com navigation bar.

I never felt alone at WordPress.com because of the navigation bar which was always at the top, bringing me the latest notifications.

For the first time, when I was changing my theme for a new blog, some themes gave a feeling that I am lost somewhere. When I observed every theme, I found that the themes which does not shows WordPress.com nav bar were not good.

Thank you WordPress.com for such a wonderful bar at the top of every WordPress blog.

Did you feel the same? Tell it in the comments below.