Don’t underestimate yourself.

One of the most important principles of life is that there shouldn’t be anyone mentally superior to you. That makes you feel low, as such you’re inferior to others. Never ever feel like this.

Everyone in this world has almost same cognitive (thinking) capacities. So, in reality, there are no such people as great brains or whatever. 

It all depends on how you make use of it

– Erik Royall

This is one of my favorite sentences in English. You’ve got everything you need. Your result depends on how you make use of it. There are other factors like time, hurdles and inabilities that might effect your chances of achieving, but only to a minute extent.

I think I’m diverting from the topic of discussion – underestimation. Let’s consider a situation where you, being an activist, are asked to give a talk on improvising education, and the first thing you’d say is “What? Me!?”. That’s certainly an underestimation, especially when you’re good at that topic. I agree – public speaking is tough, but a bit of understanding on speaking will get you going.

Another place you underrate yourself? Yes, in the matter of your goals. Your goals are sometimes set too low. Like the person who bought a $5k camera to take a high-res selfie. 

I would like to conclude this here. Never let the thought that you’re inferior to some other person come into your mind. Set higher goals and take pride in undertaking jobs that require a greater skill-set, as long as you don’t get into any problems with your decision.


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