On Love

In this article, I would like to share my opinions on love. Please excuse me if this seems crazy or incorrect. This article is for all those who think Love is great.

Having gotten my fifteenth love proposal, I was inspired to write this article. Love is a feeling, mood, or more precisely a mental condition rather than a thing. It is more or less Limerence, a mental condition resulting in attraction towards a person of the opposite gender (or towards those whom they are usually attracted to). It is experienced by almost everyone in this world, and I am no exception to this.

My view of love may sound crazy to almost everyone who love.

Using the word love in this article I refer to Limerence or the feeling of attraction which you, if you’re reading this article by yourself, are already familiar with.  Love does not start in the so-called teenage. It starts earlier, but it strengthens in that age. It gradually disappears when you become mature.

Maturity is not something which comes with age, it’s something which comes with experience

Maturity (the ability to respond to the environment in an appropriate manner) is not something which comes with age, it’s something which comes with experience. Love and maturity are closely related. When you’re mature enough to understand what’s right and wrong, you start thinking that your point of view of love is totally different and will try to change it.

The purpose

What is your purpose of loving? What are you expecting from them? If you are in love, take a sheet of paper and write down your purpose of loving as a checklist. Then, you put a tick to the left of all list items which you think are meaningful to you and the person whom you are loving.

Had I been in love, I would’ve written something like this:

  1. She is beautiful
  2. She is
  3. She looks after me
  4. We love ech each other

Now you tell me, will I be able to show this to the person whom I’m loving?

When I asked the question “Why do you love me?” to those who proposed me, they only say that I’m beautiful, famous, clever and creator of many things. If fact, none of these answers seem like complements nor satisfactory to me.

When you love someone, you might be loving them

What I’m telling you is that you don’t really mean it. Well, why do you love that person? Why not any others? It might be because that person is beautiful (the most common), rich, intelligent, smart, tall or good.

You love the qualities of that person, not the person

Well, the above mentioned ones are the qualities of a person, not the person. So, you love the qualities of that person, not the person. Qualities are not constant. If that person is beautiful and you love that person for that reason then you probably might stop loving that person when she suffers from high degree burns and loses all her beauty. If you love that person because they are smart or intelligent, will you stop loving that person when they are suffering with Alzheimer or other similar disease?

The conclusion

I am not against love and this is not an essay. As I’ve mentioned in the beginning of this article, this is just my opinion on love irrespective of the thoughts of other person and is completely based on collective experiences of mine and the world around me.

Well, you can’t live without love

Love is really important to your life. But love should be towards a person and not towards their qualities. Remember that qualities are constant and they quickly fade away. This is what makes you feel attracted towards several persons in your life. Life is beautiful. Enjoy the life and… love. And well, you can’t live without love 😉


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