How to become a pro in any programming language?

Becoming a pro isn’t that hard. You will be a pro when:

  1. You know how to deal with the errors
  2. Know all of the terminology in the language

These are easy, right? Not so easy! These require a lot of dedication and workouts everyday. The first one comes with experience and the second one…?

With experience

Believe it or not – Experience gives you everything and teaches you everything. You may have experienced that experience is the key to master any programming language. If you’ve not, you either haven’t coded at all or you are a master in the programming language your are coding in.

By ‘workouts’ I mean coding sessions. At least workout 3 times a day in sessions of about 15 minutes. It will exercise your brain as well.

The science behind this

If you want to know how this works, then here is an explanation.

When you deeply think about something or try to solve a problem, you will remember the thing you thought about or the procedure you used to solve the problem for a longer time than you will by just learning how to solve a problem

– Erik Royall


So, don’t  just read blogs or Stackoverflow on how to do it. Instead, solve the problem using that procedure.

Hoping that you will be a pro, good bye.

Hey, do you want to add something? Tell them in the comments below.

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One thought on “How to become a pro in any programming language?

  1. Just knowing all the terminology in a language is not being a master programmer.

    True mastery is when you can see through the code, so to speak, and can see the code as simply the syntax for an idea. The programming language is the medium for problem solving ideas.

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