When I got scared.. for the first time, this year!

I am not scared of anything, usually. I think: Why should I? I am not scared of ghosts not believe in them. I am not scared of elders (parents, teachers etc.) because I don’t think they’re that scary.

The state/province I’m living in heated up because a section of people want it to be divided and another state must be formed. The Central Government promised that section of people that they would tell their decision on 28th of January.

Everyone was waiting for the decision and shockingly, the Central Government said that there will be further discussions on this issue. And that section of people, who demanded a separate state were were disappointed and angry at the same time.

So, yesterday’s night wasn’t a good one, particularly in our city, Hyderabad. I slept at 8 pm, my usual time but woke up after a call from my friend at 11:30 pm (23:30). He asked for help and I did it. And I slept again at 12:30 (00:30). And at 1:00 in the morning, I woke up, after I heard a big noise near my window. I found that one of the windows was broken. And I found pieces of broken window glass on me! I was saved! And nearly dead.

What really happened is that that section of people became mad, especially students of Osmania University and began throwing huge stones at houses, malls and vehicles.

If the stone had hit me or […], I would not be writing this post now. Thanks to none.

Have you been in this situation at least once in your life? Tell your story in the comments below. You’re welcome.


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