Why do I keep learning new things always?

Everything looks amazing when we don’t understand them. Once we do, then it seems normal. This happens to everyone in everything.

When I was young, 3 years ago, I did not know how websites can be created. So, I learnt Web Design. I did not know how dynamic websites were created. I learnt PHP and MySQL.

I did not know how applications or programs were made. I downloaded Visual Basic and made my first Hello World. I don’t know how Operating Systems were made. A little googling resulted in SuseStudio.

I heard a lot about C, C#, C++ and wanted to learn them. At last I could manage to learn C++. And C, C# later.

I thought PHP was so slow for my requirements so I shifted to Node.js.

I thought creating my own programming language would be the best option rather than using someone else’s. But I have not achieved that goal yet.

As I am an Atheist, I need to have a good knowledge of everything. I already know that they cannot be achieved by going to school. So I learnt all I need at About.com.

I want to make product videos on my own so I learnt how to shoot videos and edit them.

I want to design the logos on my own, so I learnt Photoshop. I needed graphics for my websites so I learnt Illustrator.

Now, I need to make more of Web Technologies, especially WebSockets, so I am learning HTML5, a little seriously.

Now, I am scared that I may become Jack of all Master of none. So, I am applying for a Microsoft Certification Exam along with Training.

This story of my learning is a never-ending one. But you should know about it. Thanks for reading. Tell me if you have a similar story like this.


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