Being good

Whether or not you like to be good, you must. No one likes to be good because it’s hard.

For the sake of this article I assume that you are bad. (Please don;t get me wrong’

A few years ago, I was like a bad guy (to me). I fought with others, wasted my time by playing computer games, watching movies and television, being irregular to school (I’ve always been irregular, and it still continues) and irritating people. These may not like bad habits but they are, to me, because I’m a good person now.

This world, which has a population of 7 billions, still haven’t mostly good people. Many of them are bad, contagious, cruel and ill-mannered.

Let me present these wonderful steps which will, if followed, will help you turn into a good person:

Don’t insult people

Insulting people may give you happiness (huh?) but have you ever thought how they feel when you insult them? Especially in the public. If you’ve insulted them for no reason, then you have to be ashamed of yourself.

If someone have insulted you for no reason, or for a small one, don’t take any revenge on them. You will win the hearts of other people for being good. Believe me.

Don’t trouble/irritate people

Troubling or irritating people will be fun. But if you get troubled, it won’t be. First of all, why should you trouble them? This will make you a bad person. Do not smoke in the public. I often find this thing annoying. And try to be in your limits.

Don’t react aggressively

If anyone swears on you, you shouldn’t probably react very harshly. For example: knocking them out because he/she has punched you.

Don’t cheat

I agree that I was some kind of cheater back then. But now, i’m not. Do not cheat in examinations, love or money. Cheating has the power to break relationships. It has the power to make you suicide.

Help others

A good person always helps others in need. This can be in anyway. If you find anyone in need of blood, donate your blood, if it matches, If you find an old (wo)man unable to cross the road, help them cross the road (if you don’t like old people, you will feel shamed of yourself when you are old).


I’m not forcing you to be good. But be good. Once you start being good, goodness will be your habit.


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