I am not going to code anymore!

It’s hard to leave something you like the most. I cannot tell you why I’m taking this decision. But, I’m not going to code anymore. No more programming. Everyone in my society think that I’m a stupid. Because I am a programmer at young age.

It’s not that there aren’t any programmers in India, but it’s quite common that they take a course and learn it. Most of the Indian companies would not accept self-taught programmers.

So, I am retiring at the age of 14. I don’t know if I’m going to code again. All my dreams are gone poof..

This is hard to say. All the works that I’m currently developing and all my ideas for OneNode are no more. I always wanted to help the world in someway or the other but my society is not allowing me to.

I always needed support but no one gave me. Everyone wants money. They wouldn’t help me without it.

I don’t even know if I’m going to touch the computer for the next 3 years. I am sure that I’ll be blocked from accessing the Internet.

That’s not because I’m poor in studies, that’s because they don’t like what I’m doing. Everyone have a wrong attitude towards programming.

I have sacrificed my precious time for learning Web, Software and OS development but all my ideas, my dreams, my projects are going be left unfulfilled and undone.

Please do not live the way everyone lives. You are unique and everyone is.

If you want to give me a good farewell, you just encourage your children (or yourself) to code. Codecademy is a good place to start.

And I’ve a lot of projects and I would like to hand them over to others. If you’d like to manage them (a Wiki, and an Open Source CMS Idea), please tweet @erikroyall or mail me at erikroyall [at] hotmail [dot] com or just tell it in the comments below.

I may/may not blog after this. Maybe I am not going to be an Author/Blogger/Programmer/Graphic Designer/Scientist/Photographer anymore.




When I got scared.. for the first time, this year!

I am not scared of anything, usually. I think: Why should I? I am not scared of ghosts not believe in them. I am not scared of elders (parents, teachers etc.) because I don’t think they’re that scary.

The state/province I’m living in heated up because a section of people want it to be divided and another state must be formed. The Central Government promised that section of people that they would tell their decision on 28th of January.

Everyone was waiting for the decision and shockingly, the Central Government said that there will be further discussions on this issue. And that section of people, who demanded a separate state were were disappointed and angry at the same time.

So, yesterday’s night wasn’t a good one, particularly in our city, Hyderabad. I slept at 8 pm, my usual time but woke up after a call from my friend at 11:30 pm (23:30). He asked for help and I did it. And I slept again at 12:30 (00:30). And at 1:00 in the morning, I woke up, after I heard a big noise near my window. I found that one of the windows was broken. And I found pieces of broken window glass on me! I was saved! And nearly dead.

What really happened is that that section of people became mad, especially students of Osmania University and began throwing huge stones at houses, malls and vehicles.

If the stone had hit me or […], I would not be writing this post now. Thanks to none.

Have you been in this situation at least once in your life? Tell your story in the comments below. You’re welcome.

Why start your own personal blog?

Many bloggers aim at generating revenue from their blogs. Very little people start their own personal blogs and post about them.

The main reason for this is that many bloggers make a wrong assumption that personal blogs do not get any visitors and are not read by people.

But this is completely a wrong a wrong thought. Frankly, the only blog that I regularly post content is this blog. I love my personal blog more than any other one.

Blogging about yourself has a lot of advantages. Though your blog will not be read by anyone, you can read it in the future and it will be a good memory.

Late Aaron Swartz maintained his own personal blog at aaronsw.com. It was not read by many when he was alive but when he died, there was a steady increase in visitors.

And I recently heard of a woman blogger. She spent her last two months blogging. She was suffering from cancer when she started blogging. She used Typepad blogging service. The Typepad team read her blog everyday. One day, she did not post anything. Then, her sister said that she has passed away. And before dying, the woman said that the best thing she had ever done in her life was to spend her last days blogging.

Such is the power of blogging. It’s just like maintaining a journal about you and your interests.

What are you waiting for? Start your own blog now! If you’ve done it, then share it with me in the comments below.

The power of WordPress.com navigation bar.

I never felt alone at WordPress.com because of the navigation bar which was always at the top, bringing me the latest notifications.

For the first time, when I was changing my theme for a new blog, some themes gave a feeling that I am lost somewhere. When I observed every theme, I found that the themes which does not shows WordPress.com nav bar were not good.

Thank you WordPress.com for such a wonderful bar at the top of every WordPress blog.

Did you feel the same? Tell it in the comments below.

Andy’s calling me :)

I have an Android. I use it especially for testing my designs (web). If you follow my blog, you already might have known that I always like to learn new things and why I do it.

And now I thought – What’s the fun in having an android when you can’t develop for it. So, I am going to learn Android Development. You might ask a doubt that: How can you learn Android App Development when you are learning Visual Studio (C# and VB) and at the same time preparing for Microsoft Certification?

I can do it. There’s no problem!I will start by developing standalone apps and then move to dynamic apps.

I am downloading the SDK and it will finish soon (I hope).

Why do I keep learning new things always?

Everything looks amazing when we don’t understand them. Once we do, then it seems normal. This happens to everyone in everything.

When I was young, 3 years ago, I did not know how websites can be created. So, I learnt Web Design. I did not know how dynamic websites were created. I learnt PHP and MySQL.

I did not know how applications or programs were made. I downloaded Visual Basic and made my first Hello World. I don’t know how Operating Systems were made. A little googling resulted in SuseStudio.

I heard a lot about C, C#, C++ and wanted to learn them. At last I could manage to learn C++. And C, C# later.

I thought PHP was so slow for my requirements so I shifted to Node.js.

I thought creating my own programming language would be the best option rather than using someone else’s. But I have not achieved that goal yet.

As I am an Atheist, I need to have a good knowledge of everything. I already know that they cannot be achieved by going to school. So I learnt all I need at About.com.

I want to make product videos on my own so I learnt how to shoot videos and edit them.

I want to design the logos on my own, so I learnt Photoshop. I needed graphics for my websites so I learnt Illustrator.

Now, I need to make more of Web Technologies, especially WebSockets, so I am learning HTML5, a little seriously.

Now, I am scared that I may become Jack of all Master of none. So, I am applying for a Microsoft Certification Exam along with Training.

This story of my learning is a never-ending one. But you should know about it. Thanks for reading. Tell me if you have a similar story like this.